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Why we want bilingual students

The study of a second language from a young age offers to our students a new social and cultural perspective and is one of the best gifts a child can receive as it shapes his or her brain for a lifetime. At Pazapa Online, we believe that an early introduction to a second language develops an empathetic , metalinguisticly aware brain and that reaching bilingualism and biliteracy will increase our students’ chance to become more socially aware of foreign cultures, which will enable them to interact with others using their new tool.

The bilingual child is ,thus, capable of communicating clearly with different groups and has more opprotunities to bond with individuals from other cultures. Studies have shown that bilinguals have a better level of focus and control and are more likely able to regulate their behavior in order to adjust to different groups.
Reasearchers have found that actively using two languages not only optimises social and emotional development but also stimulates cognitive development. When a child knows multiple languages , these languages coexist in the brain and enable the child to multi task as he or she is used to switch back and forth between different language systems. They also learn from an early age to focus and filter information and are introduced to problem solving on a whole different level. Dual-language learners have better memories and recall information faster ; they generally score have somewhat higher test scores and are more prone to acquire a third language or beyond.
In addition ,to the immense advantages of bilingualism, children can benefit from an early exposure to the English language in countless ways. As it has been established by K. Anders Ericsson and Malcolm Gladwell, in order to speak an language well , 10,000 hours of study are necessary. To give your child this « leg up » register him or her in the Early Bird section.

Our Approach

At Pazapa Online, you will receive a unique learning experience engaging your child in meaningful and engaging activities. Our language institute offers programmes that prepare our students for using French and Arabic in the real world. Our experienced teams have carefully crafted our methods of instruction which are based on current research in the fields of language,teaching, acquisition, learning and assessment.

Our entire team is commited to excellence in providing quality service and education.
We do place the four langages skills at the core of the learning process and have designed activities that revolve around reading, writing, listening and speaking in order to enhance their grasp and lead our students to the mastery of the language.

Our tools

In order to reach excellence ,we deploy a vast set of tools that reinforce each other and build a solid system aimed at supporting progress.

   Free level assessment tests to determine the student’s level
   Interactive and appealing methods
   Programmes designed for a rigourous and progressive learning in a lively, caring and stimulating environment
   Small classes organised by grade level
   Original teaching materials entirely designed by qualified and experienced teaching staff
   Regular assessment taking place at the end of each unit
   Oral and writing skills assessed between units as a means of gauging progress at on a deeper level
   Intensive grammar, dialogue, and writing workshops
   Certificate of completion issued upon completion of the programme

Integration Program


   Moving to the UK ?

   Wanting to transfer your child to the British system ?

Pazapa Online Integration Programme gives the opportunity to foreign students to start studying the British curriculum like any other British pupils.

On this programme, students will attend intensive classes that will greatly improve their levels and help them transition smoothly.

Our students will study English and Maths for 8 hours per week during 10 months in order to maximise and accelerate their progress.

English will be the only language of instruction, and students will be immersed in it as if they were already in the UK !

The integration programme also offers the opportunity to study curricula in a more international way with the possibility of combining the French and English curricula or the English and the Arabic one.

If you want to make a change and move to the British sphere from the comfort of your home, what are you waiting for ?





   Your child is already in a school, but you’d like him or her to be introduced to the French language before Year 3 ?

   He or she has already some basics, and you’d like him or her knowledge to be solidified and furthured ?

   You want to study French for professional , educational or personal reasons ?

Pazapa Online Language Institute has the solution for you !

Classes for adults and children are held in our virtual classes and support our students in attaining the skills required to take the Delf at various levels.

All our teachers are native speakers and are French university graduates.

Their extended experience with non native learners has given them an « on the ground » insight that helps them ajust to the different classroom challenges they might face. Our instructors stick to our methods but also customise activities around different learning profiles in order to optimise learning outcomes.







Besides its British curriculum ,Pazapa Online offers to Young children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to study English as a second or third language. English is increasingly becoming part of foreign curricula as more and more schools opt for earlier exposures to this language.

Being one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, English is one of the keys to a bright professional future allowing its speakers to compete in an increasingly global job market.

In addition, developping a knowledge of English gives people access to major scientific papers as well as to the web sphere are half the content on the Internet is written in English.

Improve your fluency with Pazapa Online active and creative teaching methods that put learners at the core of the learning process.

To Which Tests does PAzapa Online Prepare you to ?

As students progress on their journey towards fluency, it is crucial to motivate and validate what has been acquired .
With Pazapa Online, children are actively prepared to take Cambridge Young Learners English Tests which is a thoroughly researched system aimed at rewarding student’ progress.
Cambridge Young Learners English Tests are the equivalent of the pre-A1, A1 and A2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference .



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