Bilingual Programme

Bilingual Programme


Pazapa Online brings all the benefits of bilingual, quality education to your door!
From a very young age, our bilingual students learn French and English in an immersive environment, which makes them more deeply locked into these languages and their everyday use. Through an extensive study of the British and French national curricula, our students are offered the opportunity to develop their skills more organically than learning from a set curriculum. To get the best of both worlds, Pazapa en Ligne and Pazapa Online join forces to offer the very best of their pedagogies. Being exposed to a bilingual education allows our pupils to grow up with a high degree of literacy in both languages and increased cognitive skills.

The advantages of bilingual education are countless, as it raises culturally and linguistically aware global citizens that are ready (by Allah’s will) for the challenges to come .

Distribution of subjects over the week


  British National Curriculum

English : 4 hours / week
Maths: 4 hours / week
Science and Humanities: 2 hours / week
Group tuition to work on parts of the French curriculum students are struggling with (for native English speakers only): 2 hours / week
Additional French Class: 1 hour / week

  French National Curriculum

Français : 4h /week
Math: 4h / week
Science et histoire-géographie: 2 hours / week
Group Tuition to work on parts of the British curriculum students are struggling with (for native French speakers only): 2 hours / week
Additional English Class : 1 hour / week


If you decide to enrol your child in Pazapa’s Bilingual Programme, you’ll get to choose how you want to schedule his or her classes. Whether you want them to study French in the morning and English in the afternoon or the opposite, it’s all up to you. How exciting is that?

   Parents’ Workshops

When you jump onboard, it’s never alone. Our team is here to support you along the way. From the very beginning of the academic year, workshops are held to gather parents like you, to absorb our methodology, familiarise yourselves with our tools and meet the people that will provide the emotional support and guidance that are so crucial when you start your virtual journey. Whether you are fluent in both languages or only one, our team will ensure that you fully grasp what your child is learning and what happens within our virtual walls.

The Bilingual Programme includes

  A year-long access to Pazapa Online digital, French and British textbooks, videos, and materials designed by our experienced education professionals.

  The very best of our well-crafted and tested key strategies: the flipped classroom method, the project-based learning approach, mind maps and differentiated instruction, to name a few.

  A yearly follow up, including correction of homework assignments, and regular classroom assessments (every 6 weeks).

  Yearly support by our education advisor.

Our Teachers


At the heart of our school, our well-trained teachers position themselves as role models for our students. Our teaching teams, both at Pazapa en Ligne and Pazapa Online, are all native speakers and are well versed in teaching the national curriculum to both native and non-native speakers.
They support our students in their academic journey and strive to foster their social and emotional growth through a wide range of activities, in which they share views and insights in a nurturing and rewarding environment.
With love and care, both our British and French teams accompany and stimulate each child’s evolving needs, interests and abilities, so our vibrant community can be a place in which diversity and differences are honoured, valued and celebrated.

My child does not meet the required level.
What’s next?

If a child still hasn’t reached the minimum required level to be integrated into our Bilingual Programme, it is still possible to join the Integration Programme until the standards are met, to enable them to transition smoothly into the bilingual world.

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