KS1 and KS2 General Overview

At Pazapa Online, we believe that raising a child is a team effort and from the KS1 to the KS2 stage, through stimulating and challenging activities, we strive to inspire every pupil to enjoy learning and grow.

Our curriculum is designed to facilitate the highest level of student learning in a Muslim oriented environment. Our academic programmes promote moral and mental development so as to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning.

Our curriculum includes the main National Curriculum subjects and is flexible so we could ensure that the tasks given to our students are always at the appropriate level for each of them.

At Pazapa Online we acknowledge the significance of a meaningful and memorable learning experience. Thus, the connections built between different subjects through a project-based approach is one of our main purposes.

Our curriculum is planned to enable those paramount links around a central spine. We aim at enabling our dear pupils to work together, improve their learning and their performance , cultivate a creative thinking and problem solving mindset as well as an enquiring mind.


How our curriculum is organised

Our KS1 and KS2 stages curriculum comprises mathematics , the foundation level of literacy , history, geography ,science and French as a second language
Optional subjects include Arabic, religious studies and Quran memorization.


English is a central part of the curriculum. Our students are learning to use the tools which will allow them to succeed in all other areas. A strong command of the spoken and written word, as well as a love of reading that spans a variety of subjects, is a good foundation for a life of learning. Our innovative English curriculum meets and exceeds the national standards.

Pazapa Online meets standards of excellence in reading and writing with a great focus on grammar, to ensure a proper grasp of the English language in all its forms. Our pupils are actively encouraged to go beyond the predefined level for their age-group. Likewise, our struggling students are supported by our team through different teaching methods that captivate, motivate, inspire and transmit knowledge in a creative and inquiry-based manner.
Contrary to mainstream schooling, expectations are not lowered but raised in a caring atmosphere that promotes self-confidence.
In our Pazapa Online family, the main objective is that our students come away exhilarated and excited to learn more.





Often and undeservedly unpopular, mathematics is a surprisingly creative discipline and an important part of our curriculum.
Pazapa Online aims at providing a foundation for understanding the world our students are evolving in as well as offering them the ability to learn and use mathematical reasoning.
In addition, our curriculum gives our students a chance to understand mathematics and its essential role in different areas, from problem solving and financial literacy to science, technology and engineering.

Beyond this, our maths curriculum aspires to show the beauty and power of mathematics and instill in our students’ minds a sense of appreciation and curiosity.
Excellence is our standard across all disciplines, and mathematics is not an exception. We strive to provide captivating, lively and entertaining methods of teaching.

Our team’s main goal is to be mindful of our students’ learning pace, offering to those who learn rapidly, challenging and sophisticated problems, pushing them to go beyond their predefined levels, while guiding struggling students with specific materials and methods to strengthen their knowledge as well as their understanding.



Our science curriculum aims at providing the foundation that will allow our students to understand the world through scientific lenses.

Developing a grasp of knowledge, methods and processes, our students become increasingly aware of the way science can be used to explain and analyse natural phenomena. Our lessons are carefully planned to build a sense of excitement and an inquisitive mind.

At Pazapa Online, our little scientists are equipped to understand the implication of the scientific field today and in the future ; they learn to develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding through experiments and classroom activities which give them a sense of the nature, processes and methods of science. We do, for instance, foster scientific inquiry through identifying ,classing and grouping , controlled investigation, which push them beyond the traditional classroom environment to find ,analyse and explain data.
Our Primary School allows our students to transition genuinely to the higher levels by supporting them when struggling at key points of transition. Acquiring the proper scientific vocabulary necessary to articulate concepts in an accurate manner is a major concern of our school. Therefore, students are encouraged to orally share their understanding of natural phenomena as a means to acquire and master the proper specialist vocabulary needed in our science classes and to ensure that they are able to express and clarify their thoughts in a way that is comprehensive to others.



We, at Pazapa Online, strive to foster an interest and awareness of the world’s history in our learners. We aim at placing them in the heart of various momentous historical events to help them gain a global understanding of the world they see today. They gradually acquire a coherent knowledge of the past of the world’s nations through a chronological narrative from the creation of the Earth to the present day.

Through project-based learning and inquiry-based approaches, our pupils develop an increasingly global perspective and judgement. They understand the complexity, diversity and challenges as well as relationships between various groups.
Our history curriculum enables our students to gain and utilise a historic understanding of abstract concepts and terms through meaningful activities such as written narratives, analysis and artwork. They are encouraged to identify similarities and differences, to draw contrasts, understand and analyse trends and interpret or draw their own historic timelines.
Our little historians are invited to travel back to the past as a means to understand how certain interpretations of past events or phenoma have been built. Their critical thinking skills gradually shape the way they view cultural, economic,political, and social history. At Pazapa Online, we greatly highlight the importance of using evidence to make historical statements and fully gauge its significance through various historical and societal concepts.



At Pazapa Online, we envision a global learner that is curious about and aware of the world he or she lives in. Our aim is to equip our students with knowledge about various globally significant terrestrial and marine places on Earth. Through our curriculum , our students meet peoples from different parts of the globe and develop a sense of respect and humility necessary to become global citizens.

Our geography curriculum introduces our students to natural and human environments as well as key physical and human processes. They gradually understand the formation and use of landscapes and environments and , as their geographical knowledge grows, are able to explain how our planet’s features are formed, connected and have evolved throughout the ages.
In our classes, our students experiment geographical concepts in practical ways : they collect, interpret and analyse data using maps , globes, photographs ,and diagrams to deepen their understanding of geographical processes and communicate their findings by confronting their understanding to their peeers’.



Do you want your child to learn French as a second language in a truly effective way? With Pazapa Online , students really have the opportunity to excel and go beyond the national British curriculum  expected standard as their exposure to French starts in Year 1 as opposed to Year 3 in most schools across the country. Our programme gives the opportunity to our young learners to develop their oral, listening, reading  and speaking skills through a wide range of activities  designed around the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

At Pazapa Online, we want our students to be motivated and excited, and we want them to learn in a way that is both entertaining and instructive.  Thus, we extensively rely on cooperative learning and on a communicative approach to help students focus on communication rather than grammar structures in a lively and brotherly atmosphere.

Even though we understand that grammar is important to express ourselves correctly and to be understood, we intend to embed it in context ,whithin an action-oriented learning cycle.

Grammar is, therefore, taught in context rather than in a traditional didactic manner as a means to incorporate the new structures taught to become part of unconscious automatic thought patterns in both productive and receptive language use.

Our students are encouraged to learn French in practical ways through real-world scenarios that are engaging and that embody exactly what they are learning.


Why Taking the Delf ?


At Pazapa Online, we believe that learning foreign languages is an asset that ought to be cultivated. Our KS1 and KS2 curriculum enables our learners to develop  their skills throughout the whole primary level and prepares them for the Delf Prim they will take in elementary school. Our aim is to get our students to an A1 level in Year 3 and an A2 level in Year 6.

Zoom on the four Skills at the Core of our Method !

   reading comprehension
   listening comprehension
   writing expression
   oral expression

The  future global citizens who will join us on this educational journey will one day have the chance to show that their French language abilities have been  validated and certified by the French Ministry of Education.


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