Can I show the teaching materials during academic inspections?

Of course! All the work and the follow-up of your child can be presented to the inspectors. We will also provide you with a file to help you prepare for the inspection as well as possible. It will be of great help in getting all the needed resources organised and ready for the inspectors.

Are your students prepared for exams?

We prepare them throughout the year. Revision courses are offered to all our students as the exams approach.

I am not very comfortable with computers and the Internet; will there be help provided?

Tutorials in PDF and video format will be sent to all parents at the start of every school year in order to explain to them how it all works and how to use the necessary tools for everything to go as smooth as possible.
A member of the technical service will contact every new family by phone to explain how the platforms we use work.
The technical service will offer continuous support in order to find concrete solutions to small everyday problems. This support will allow you to gradually familiarise yourself with virtual education and its tools.

What equipment should I be equipped with so that my child can be in good learning conditions?

We ask parents to set a workspace in a quiet room in the house. Your child will need a computer (recommended) or tablet, a printer, a scanner, and a headset with a microphone to avoid echo and feedback.

An excellent internet connection is required as well as equipment powerful enough to allow the classes to be attended by video conference. The platform is accessible via tablet and phone, but keep in mind that with phones and tablets, it is not always possible to have full access to all the software features.

What is an online course?

It is a course whose content is accessible remotely and organised in an online environment. Our lessons are taught daily by qualified teachers in virtual classrooms with a whiteboard, and various features allowing interactivity between the students and the teacher.
The course content meets the same expectations and the same learning content as a regular face-to-face course.

Are your virtual classes accessible from a tablet or an Apple computer?

Yes! Our platform is accessible from all Apple devices.

Will my child see his or her teachers and classmates?

Yes! In the main classroom, 16 cameras can be turned on at the same time.
Your child will be able to see his or her teacher as well as his or her classmates.

Where can I find the registration form online?

You can find it by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE button on our website menu.

You can also access the 2021/2022 online registration page by clicking on the Online Registration button .

Can I stop classes in the middle of the year?

Only certain formulas are not subject to an annual commitment; you will find details on each formula on the contract that you will sign upon registration.

How and when will I receive my children’s materials?

Course materials are made available to families in PDF format before each new term. There is also an option to receive primary textbooks by post across Europe at the start of the school year.

I completed the online registration form is my child registered?

Registration is validated after receipt of the registration file; our school reserves the right to refuse registration within 72 hours. Regardless of the means and payment terms chosen, you will receive confirmation of receipt by email.

I paid for the registration of my child by bank transfer or by debit card; will I receive an invoice?

You will receive a confirmation email following the validation of your order. This email serves as an invoice.

Will I pay tuition fees?

   The registration fee is £30.90 per student (Discount by paying by transfer: £30).

   For a re-registration:
The registration fee for any student who was registered during the previous school year amounts to £20.60 (Discount by paying by transfer: £20).

You were already a member of Pazapa en Ligne in 2021? We offer you the registration fees!

I want to register my three children; will I benefit from a sliding price scale?

A 10% discount on full schooling (excluding preschool) is granted from the second registration to Pazapa as well as for subsequent ones. The registration fee for the first child , therefore, does not benefit from the “family” reduction.
These discounts do not apply to registration fees.

I have a child in the Language Centre in 2021/2022; can I sponsor someone?

Yes, families already registered during the last school year can sponsor someone.
£30 will be deducted from the tuition fees for any sponsorship of one or more children from the same family ( in full schooling). The total number of sponsorships cannot exceed £90.

When will the sponsorship discounts be deducted?

The reduction will appear on your first invoice.

Your bank account being abroad, will I have international transfer fees?

Each banking establishment applies its own rates for international transfers; kindly contact your bank about this.
We recommend that you use TransferWise (https://transferwise.com) as their costs are much lower than with a traditional bank (less than £1).

On what dates are the payments due?

The payment dates differ depending on the chosen payment method:

   Monthly payments (in ten instalments):
First payment to be made on 5/08/”current year” at the latest, then each month on the 30th at the latest

   Quarterly payments (in 3 instalments):
5/08/”current year” at the latest, December 1st, March 1st

   Upfront payment (in one go):
5/08/”current year” at the latest

What do I have to pay when registering?

You will have the registration fee and some options to pay immediately.

You can then also choose to pay the schooling of your child(ren) immediately or to defer the payment in August.

Do you have pre-registrations?

No, the form on the site is a registration form which commits you annually.

Our school will do its best to accommodate families with respect to chosen time slots. In the event of unavailability, other time slots will be offered. You will be free to accept them or not. However, it will not be possible for you to choose your child’s schedule outside of the time proposed slots.

My child has learning disabilities, how will he or she be followed?

Support for students with learning disabilities will be based on the information provided in the online registration file. Kindly give us all the information and reports so that the teaching team can put in place the necessary adaptations and follow-up.
Starting from August, our educational advisers will contact all families of children suffering from learning disabilities in order to put in place an action plan followed by teachers and families from the start of the school year.

How will I be able to communicate with the teachers?

You will have access to the parent portal so you could communicate with your child’s teachers.
You will be directly able to daily follow your child’s progress from the parent portal on your mobile phone. The parent portal will also allow you to be instantly informed of important information and various events organized by our school.

How will I be able to communicate with the academic counsellors?

The academic counsellors will be reachable via WhatsApp to answer your questions and guide you. The phone number of the counsellor in charge of your child will be sent to you before the start of the school year.

What pedagogical methods do you use?

At Pazapa, we apply the flipped classroom model.
In a flipped classroom, the low-level cognitive tasks are performed independently by the students (consultation of resources containing course elements, information, methodology, etc.).
In the classroom, the teacher is freed from the moments of “lecture” that the pupils can consult independently (at home).
The interaction time is ,therefore, used to work on practical and interactive activities ,allowing teachers to focus on the concepts and points that the students struggle the most with.
During group work, students work on a task in groups of three to five in a responsible and collaborative manner.
For more information, do not hesitate to book an appointment with our registration department.

Will my child have teachers for each subject?

   Primary: Your child will have a primary school teacher and a French teacher.

What are the class times?


Our school reserves the right to modify the schedules if necessary while respecting the time slots chosen by the parents.

The school hours are as follows, from Monday to Friday:

  Section A:

From 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

  Section B:

From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.



Section B: between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Section C: Weekend 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.


All our schedules are based on the UK time

It will not be possible for parents to select their children class times.
Parents can choose the time slots only.

What options are possible?

You can add the following options during registration depending on the level:

   Tuition option
   Option to receive workbooks by post

What about the fees ?

You can check them here!


How many school hours a week will my child spend in class ?


Year 1: 9 h / week
Years 2 to 6: 11h / week

What subjects are taught?

History and geography
   Arts: program provided with lesson plans to be followed by the parent.

How many students will be in class?

   A maximum of 10 students

Will my child have a connection with families in the region?

We take this criterion into account when creating our classes.
We also connect families who want to get in touch.

Is Pazapa a British State school?

No, Pazapa is not linked to British state education.
However, we intervene legally with families residing in the UK.

How will I be able to monitor my child's work?

You will receive your credentials to connect to the parent portal which is intended to be a space of interaction between parents and the various services of the school.

Our team strengthens the follow-up of our students thanks to the collaboration with their parents. This proximity tool developed by PAZAPA brings together all the essential information of each student, making it possible to anticipate any problems. The parent portal will also allow to monitor progress carefully in order to achieve our mission for a reactive and thoughtful schooling experience.


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