Meet our team

Meet our team

The quality of our staff is the main reason that Pazapa en Ligne has improved so rapidly over the past few years. Our staff are recruited through highly rigorous selection processes that ensure they are of the standard we expect in all of our branches.

Our teachers

Our teachers are the heart of the educational body. They strive to inspire, innovate and challenge our students in a positive and nurturing environment.

Our instructors bring with them a wealth of experience, global perspectives, and a deep desire to implement instructional best practices. They work in a collaborative atmosphere and continuously discuss ways to integrate the curriculum in the best manner possible, while ensuring that each student is challenged and supported to reach his or her highest potential.

In addition to marking and grading, our teachers provide individualized feedback on assignments, as well as clear strategies for improvement.

At Pazapa Online, we are firm believers that leading by example is « the most powerful advice a person can give to anybody ». Therefore, we make a point in modelling the behaviours we would like to see in our pupils.

We like to think of our teachers as educators whose scope extends beyond traditional stereotypes.  We are aware of the fact that student growth begins with teachers. Thus, we make sure that their professional development is a priority.

Our school works to continuously implement improved growth mindset and positive discipline strategies, as a means to provide a safety net which will promote risk-taking behaviours in our classrooms.

Our Educational advisors


Our educational advisors have the noble mission to improve standards of literacy in our school and to assist students in their growth and development by  designing and developing meaningful educational plans .


Academic advising is one of the cornerstones of the academic programmes of Pazapa Online as the positive outcomes wanted for our students cannot be accomplished if our learners are not properly guided and advised. At Pazapa Online , it is our aim to provide thoughtful support to our students.


Our educational advisors help students through regular follow-up meetings, become gradually more independent regarding organisation and study skills. Their presence is crucial to foster a sense of structure. They help our pupils with timetables, school adjustment and school attendance, making sure no one is left behind. They strive to foster the development of our dear pupils, so that they can become self-directed, motivated, responsible decision makers.

Co-operative work is the core value of our education department, which is why teachers and advisors work hand in hand with families to help our students attain academic success

Our School Administrators


Our administrators oversee the day-to-day functions of our school at every level.

They assist families and are a paramount support to our teachers as they ensure that they have the equipment and resources necessary to deliver an educationally effective curriculum. They also have a hand in matters like planning events and implementing curriculum.

We make sure to select trustworthy, detail-oriented, personable school administrators to be a solid backbone for our school. They more than often handle multiple responsibilities with an unfailing smile and composure.

Our team will be more than  happy  to answer questions and queries , so don’t hesitate to contact them!

Our Technical support

At Pazapa, our technical support teams support you on a day-to-day basis, to guarantee service continuity and ensure that your issues are taken care of.

The technical agents are here to help when you have an inquiry or a technical problem.  Via our platform, the technicians do their best to be responsive and to take cake of your needs promptly and effectively.


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