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Pazapa en Ligne is a pioneer of French, Muslim, online education, and has paved the way for a new generation of global learners. Being on the ground for 5 years has allowed us to test, adjust and enhance a multitude of methods and materials, as well as positive discipline strategies both inside and outside our classrooms. Our caring and industrious team work together as one body to help make the vision that led to the creation of our schools a reality.

At Pazapa Online, we believe that supporting a student means building a future. Therefore, we understand how crucial a highly personalised education is in helping our students to thrive, not only academically but also emotionally. With traditional values and innovative methods, we support our students to become enthusiastic, inquisitive and resilient learners, who are both intellectually and socially aware of the world they live in. Our students are taught to be respectful of others and are well-equipped to meet the challenges of the next stages in their education and in their lives.

In order to achieve the most customised programmes which meet the needs of academic excellence – while respecting our religious values – we have designed our own curriculum and created teaching materials in collaboration with educational professionals. With Pazapa Online, learning becomes an adventure that fosters critical thinking as well as socio-emotional learning, way beyond traditional classroom settings.


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