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Praise be to Allah, Lord of All Creations, the One from Whom all the blessings and goodness come.
Blessed is the one who was entrusted and awarded by the custody of children in order to spread the light of Islam.

According to what has been stated in the Noble Quran and what our noble Prophet – peace be upon him – has guided us to be in his pure prophetic tradition, where he says: “Each of you is a shepherd, and each of you is accountable for his or her flock.”

At Pazapa Online, we acknowledge that raising children upon the truth is paramount to a healthy growing Muslim community. Indeed, it was no coincidence that the first word of the Quran to be revealed was READ. That is why from the very start, education and an endless quest of knowledge have been placed at the core of our values.

Our Children, our Amana 

Needless to say that parents hold enormous leverage in terms of what they instill in their children, and accordingly how their children grow up as adults. It is therefore an immense responsibility in Islam for parents to steer their children’s upbringing according to the guidelines of the Quran and the Sunnah.

There is a wealth of material in the Quran and Hadith encouraging learning and acquiring knowledge in general.

The Prophet (s.a.w) said: A father gives his child nothing better than a good education.
(Mishkat, 4977, transmitted by Tirmidhi and Baihaqi).
In his letter to Hasan al-Mujtaba (a.s), Amirul Momineen (a.s) said: The heart of a growing child is like a land without any grass or vegetation. It accepts whatever seed is thrown in it and then nourishes it itself. Then added: My dear son! Before your heart could get hard in your youth in the beginning of your youth I had undertaken your training and disciplining.

Amirul Momineen (a.s.) is recorded to have said: Teach your children our knowledge which Allah has made beneficial for them so that deviated groups may not misguide them.

Another Hadith says, “The best of you is one who gives a good education (intellectual and moral) to his children”.

Beyond the significance of giving a proper religious education, parents ought to care about the source that delivers this knowledge, which is often the school or the institution. At Pazapa Online, we have designed our curriculum with the support and agreement of well-known scholars. All our teaching materials have been reviewed so as to preserve the hearts against misguidance.

The Quran with Pazapa Online


Children’s attention spans being limited, we use effective methods to teach Quran and help students remain focused and productive.

At Pazapa Online, we put an emphasis on learning and mastering Tajweed rules.
To this effect, we have created a workbook designed around the main difficulties that learners may face during their learning journey.

Students are systematically assessed and placed in a group according to their level. We do extensively rely on Al-Qaidah An-Norania, which we go through completely in a series of well-structured and progressive sessions.

Al-Qaidah An-Norania:

    Is an attractive teaching method
   Teaches the Arabic letters
    Helps children learn Tajweed in a fast and progressive way
   Teaches the way Arabic is written in the Quran
   Focuses on pronunciation
    Is ideal for children from the age of 5 and older.
    Is perfect for adults, too !
    Covers 95% of the Tajweed rules of the Quran
    Covers all the possible consonant combinations!

If you want to give your children a chance to evolve with their peers and to instill and foster in them a sense of the true purpose of life, Pazapa Online will help you plant the seeds!


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